Grizzled and shaggy Private Investigator.


Taken as a child, he grew up in the beast-kennels of Lord Venimar, a vicious and paranoid Keeper who saw enemies all around and continually captured human tools to twist to his purposes.

He hunted information about those who would oppose Lord Venimar. In this context he was trained by drillmaster Simon (Misha Handman) and set out on his tasks.

His missions caught the imagination of Jack “Vox,” (Steven Somers). Vox gave him the nickname “The Hound” and painted him as the villain of many stories while mocking his Lord as delusional and ineffective.

He managed to train in secret with the weaponmaster, Stella (Bastion) while beyond the reach of his Lord. He met Branduff (Travis) and the foundation was laid for an escape attempt which included Simon and a few others.

On this side of the Hedge, he took the surname Hargrave. He spent some months in Vancouver, before settling in Port Avalon about a year and a half ago. Hargrave owes fealty to The Autumn King (Gui Tremblay).

Hargrave frequents The Crowbar where Simon bartends and has set up a business with Robin Goodfellow called The Lost Files Detective Agency: Investigating What No-one Else Will.


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